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staying safe, still open

It has certainly been a strange couple of months for most of the world’s population as we get used to staying at home, working in different ways and facing a common enemy that requires true commitment from us all.

Once again, we reiterate our sincere thanks to all the health service staff and other key workers who are helping as many as possible stay healthy whilst keeping the country running.

Here at Atlantic Service Company, we’ve been working hard to ensure an increased level of orders can be completed on time as we supply to the essential food industry, whilst ensuring the safety and health of our staff with effective social distancing and extra processes added to increase hygiene levels.

We wanted to quickly update our customers and the industry in general on our performance and remind you all we’re very much open for business.

Demand has been strong as food production has ramped up across a number of industry sectors.

Our investment in increased welding capacity has borne fruit as output is up 10% on last year whilst lead times continue to be reduced.

Our levels of coil production are up 11% year on year and the outlook for 2020 remains positive despite the very obvious difficult trading conditions

We shall always ensure our factory is safe and healthy to work in, and we recommit to our customers that you will continue to receive the levels of service and quality that you expect from Atlantic Service Company.

Thank you.

Huw James,

Atlantic Service Company


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